Crafternoon: Photographic Murals

Crafternoon: Photographic Murals


Cyanotype is the perfect photographic medium for murals. It is easily applied to many different kinds of surfaces, affordable to use in large quantities, and can be exposed in the sun and developed with water. In this mini-workshop you will learn the basics of image-making on light-sensitive surfaces and how to work on a large scale in terms of composition and maneuvering large cloth.

Invented in 1843, cyanotype is a chemical photographic process that is only sensitive to UV light and is famous for its blue color. Students will each work on a large section of cloth (roughly 5x8 feet) to create a mural composition in cyanotype. We will utilize the photogram technique which uses objects to block light from a light-sensitive surface, creating a 1:1 ratio between the object and the final image. For example, if you use your body and lay on the light-sensitive cloth your final image will be the exact shape of your body. You will need to bring your own objects for photograms (and they can be big!). This class is weather dependent as exposures for the cyanotype mural will be done outside and it will be rescheduled if needed.

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