Photography is more than images on screens. Photography is a craft that transforms intangible rays of light into monuments of self expression and artifacts we can hold in our hands.

You're holding light when you hold a photograph.


Custom Printing

Our master printer can take your digital images and create the best alternative process prints in the country. Whether you are an artist wanting a specific aesthetic or a wedding photographer wanting an edge on the competition, our custom line is for you.

Wet Plate Portraits

Having your portrait taken by a lens from 1850 with a chemical process from two hundred years ago is an experience. Schedule a portrait session and work with our gentleman scientist for a one-of-a-kind image of you and your loved ones.

Artist services

Some artists need collaborative help while others need their finished pieces documented. We do both. We help artists realize their vision and offer art photography services for professionals and collectors.


Our extensive workshop series is for beginners wanting to get their hands dirty, hobbyists looking to up their game, and professionals who need a little guidance to perfect their practice. Starting at $20, we have something for everyone.