Weekend Workshop: Holga Tintypes

Weekend Workshop: Holga Tintypes


February 23-24, 2019, 10am-5pm


Wet plate collodion was invented by Frederick Scott Archer in 1851. When used on a tin plate (called a tintype), the image is an in-camera positive that is one-of-a-kind. It is a very technical process that utilizes expensive and dangerous chemicals. This workshop is an introduction using affordable Holga cameras to learn the basics of flowing, sensitizing, shooting, developing, and fixing plates. This is a fun introduction that aims to keep costs low, avoid frustration, and prepare you for independent work and/or an intermediate workshop.

Workshops have no minimum of enrollment requirement but the maximum is 4 students. We will refund 80% of the fee if you cancel 3 weeks prior to the first day of the workshop and 50% if you cancel 1 week prior to the first day. No refunds will be issued with less than 7 days notice of cancellation.

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