Artist/Collector Services


Artist & Collector Services

Luminaria was created by artists, for artists. We offer services in photography, technical and aesthetic collaborations, custom printing, open studio time, and space rentals. Collectors of art and photography equipment often come to us for advice on how to care for their collections and on purchases. Below is limited information on our services. You can email us at for more information and with specific questions.

Cyanotype on Glass

Christine Baczek has over 15 years of experience photographing art and objects for public and private collections. Her clients include the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, Utah Division of Arts and Museums, and the Capitol Preservation Board.

Object Photography

Bring your artwork to us and we will light and photograph it. You'll receive a high resolution digital file for printing as well as a small jpeg for reference and online use. We can bring our studio to you, or you can bring your artwork to us (and get it framed next door at Tanner Frames). Here is a basic estimate for our services but we encourage you to contact us for a more precise quote as every situation is different.

  • $30 Set-up fee ( one-time session fee for setting-up the copy studio; encompasses as many items as can be photographed in a 4 hour period)
  • $20 per 2D object (includes post-production)
  • $70 per 3D object (includes post-production)
  • $200 traveling studio fee (a daily rate for bringing our studio to you)
Palladium Over Cyanotype

Print Care

Christine Baczek and David Hyams have deep knowledge of the physical properties and principles for caring for collections of photographic prints. We can help you understand how to manage your collections and preserve them for future generations.

Brass Lenses

Equipment Sourcing

David Hyams understands the antique camera market and knows the companies making the best contemporary equipment. He can help you find what you need and teach you how to use it to the best of its abilities.

Wet Plate Portrait


We work with artists and photographers to help them realise their vision in an alternative process. From jewelry artisans wanting to push the bounds of their creativity, to photographic artists wanting a final work custom printed in platinum, we will work with you to produce your masterpiece.