About Us

Luminaria Group Lab

Founded by former Bostick & Sullivan employees, Luminaria is the next generation of photographers preserving historical image-making.

David Hyams and I (Hi! this is Christine Baczek) met in 2009 at Bostick & Sullivan's biennial Alternative Printer's International Symposium (APIS). Our love for alternative photography, New Mexico, and chile turned into a love for each other and we have built a life together focused on art, photography, and community-building.

Over the past fifteen years Dave has put in over 10,000 hours to master wet plate, platinum palladium, digital negatives, and the principles of the basic alternative processes. He has managed the Bostick & Sullivan lab, studied under Christina Z. Anderson at Montana State University, and received his MFA from Lesley University under Christopher James (author of The Book of Alternative Photography which features work by both Dave and I in the 3rd edition). He has taught for Bostick & Sullivan, Lesley College of Art and Design, Salt Lake Community College, and established the alternative printing darkroom for a company in China.

I am a Salt Lake native. Over the past fifteen years I have focused on working as an artist and arts administrator throughout Utah in positions at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, Kimball Art Center, and in various freelance and independent capacities. As an artist I have incorporated alternative photography into my practice to record the intangible and manipulate light in a real sense.

But Luminaria is not about us. It is very simply about tools. Artists should not be limited by technological trends. Instead, our tool-kits should extend beyond what we think is possible. Digital technology has broadened the reach of photography in our world, but many ways of printing our images have been pushed aside for the convenience and price of digital viewing and printing. Luminaria is here to keep the tool-kits of artists full of different ways to communicate. Our digital negative workflows allow us to bridge the digital with the handmade, tearing down barriers so image-making stays fun and accessible. Our community of local and national artists means the conversation never ends and you will always learn, be challenged, and supported. 


14 East 800 South
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

Open Wednesday - Saturday, 10am - 6pm, and by appointment.

We close during portrait sessions out of respect for your privacy. Check our website and @luminariaslc on Instagram for these unscheduled closures.