Weekend Workshop: Deep Dive into Platinum Palladium Printing

Weekend Workshop: Deep Dive into Platinum Palladium Printing


March 2-3, 10am-5pm


The platinotype (a print made solely of platinum metal salts) was first patented by William Willis in 1873 for the Platinotype Company. The cheaper and easier to obtain palladium was introduced into the emulsion during World War I when platinum became valued for its use in explosives. This weekend workshop will focus on this more traditional platinum-centric printing while experimenting with lesser-known techniques for split-toned printing. Students will use digital images to create digital negatives and we will discuss the general philosophies behind adopting a calibrated digital negative workflow for platinum palladium printing.

Workshops have no minimum of enrollment requirement but the maximum is 4 students. We will refund 80% of the fee if you cancel 3 weeks prior to the first day of the workshop and 50% if you cancel 1 week prior to the first day. No refunds will be issued with less than 7 days notice of cancellation.

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