Weekend Workshop: Platinum Palladium Printing, Aug 24 & 25

Weekend Workshop: Platinum Palladium Printing, Aug 24 & 25


Saturday & Sunday, Aug 24 & 25, 10am-5pm

4 students max


Platinum palladium printing is a 19th century photographic process known for an extended tonal range that results in beautiful transitions from highlights to shadows. It is a classic and timeless aesthetic that is also prized for its archival quality because the noble metals platinum and palladium are used in the light-sensitive chemical solution that is the basis of the image. In this class you will learn the basics of this process combined with 21st century digital imaging which allows us to make handmade platinum palladium prints from your digital photos.

This workshop is for beginners new to platinum palladium as well as those with some experience who want to boost their knowledge of the process or try calibrated digital negatives for the first time. We will walk you through the process—from converting your digital photo to a physical large-format negative (i.e. a digital negative), to mixing your chemical solution of platinum and palladium, to hand-coating paper, to UV exposure, to using different types of developers to produce warm and neutral tones in your final print. Students must bring digital images to make calibrated digital negatives which make platinum palladium printing easier than ever.

We believe in hands-on learning and we will get you started immediately in printing your own images so that you leave the workshop with a strong foundation in the process as well as with multiple prints. It is important to note that platinum and palladium metals are quite expensive which dictates the cost of this workshop.

About the Instructor

David Hyams is an artist and educator with over 2 decades of experience in historical photographic processes and darkroom techniques. He managed the darkroom and designed workshops for Bostick & Sullivan, contributed to research for Christoper James’ “Book of Alternative Processes,” and is a consultant and master printer for a variety of artists. David is the co-founder of Luminaria, an alternative photography studio in Salt Lake City, Utah that offers group and custom workshops, master printing in a wide range of photographic processes, and one-of-a-kind tintype portraiture.

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