Weekend Workshop: Intro to Wet Plate Collodion

Weekend Workshop: Intro to Wet Plate Collodion


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Wet plate collodion was released to the public in 1851, and it played a huge role in making photography accessible to the masses.  An extremely versatile process, it can be used to create both negatives and one of a kind positives on various materials, and it has seen a strong revival in recent years.  This workshop will focus mainly on tintype photography, where a unique positive is created in-camera on a sheet of blackened metal.  You will learn to avoid common problems that plague first time wet plate photographers, building your confidence and abilities as you continue to explore the process outside of the workshop.  We will cover acquiring and preparing the chemistry and equipment before moving to the making of tintypes.  We believe in hands-on learning and will spend considerable time working with large format cameras and various lenses that date back to the the wet plate era.

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