Crafternoon: Cyanotype Scarves, December 14

Crafternoon: Cyanotype Scarves, December 14


Saturday, December 14, 1-4pm

4 students max


Bring a friend and join us for this very fun session making blue prints, also called cyanotypes, on scarves you can wear or give as a gift. Invented in 1843, cyanotype is a chemical photographic process that is only sensitive to UV light and is famous for its blue color. It is perfect for those new to alternative photographic processes as it is one of the most affordable and user-friendly of them all. In this mini-workshop you will use a brush to apply cyanotype to a silk or cotton scarf (your choice) and print photograms (a term for using objects to block light and make an image, essentially using an object as a negative). Participants are encouraged to bring their own objects for photograms.

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